The key milestones in the history of CG Rail GmbH at a glance –
from the founding of the company to today.


The key milestones in the history of CG Rail GmbH at a glance – from the founding of the company to today. ​

Timeline of important events

High speed and quality in the development and achievement of innovative lightweight solutions define our history and represent our aim in every project.

CG Rail continues to master new technological and industry challenges competently and flexibly, thanks to the know-how of our young, innovative team with expertise in lightweight system engineering, design, rail vehicle technology, aviation and aerospace technology, information technology, and joining technology and through its collaboration with other renowned players in the field of lightweight engineering from the greater Dresden area.

October 2020

Honouring of the NGMT bogie frame with the European "ERCI Innovation Award 2020“

Drehgestell mit dem ERCI-Award Zeichen

October 2020

DB AG in the person of Rolf Härdi (CTIO) and
Dr Tobias Fischer visits CG Rail

DB AG in der Besprechung DB AG auf dem Flur DB AG vor dem Exponat im Außenbereich

October 2019

Zhigang Wang, Minister of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China, visits CG Rail in Dresden

Historie_Unternehmensbesuch-Wang-Zhigang_Gruppenbild-vor-Eingang_CGRail.jpg Historie_Unternehmensbesuch-Wang-Zhigang_Gruppenbild_CGRail.jpg

September 2018

The world’s first train with a carbon-fiber-intensive, lightweight system design is presented by CRRC at InnoTrans, the world’s leading rail technology trade fair in Berlin

CETROVO-Praesentation_InnoTrans-2018.jpg Historie_X_Gruppenbild_CGRail-1.jpg

September 2018

Xuehua Tian, President of CRRC Qingdao Sifang since 2019, visits CG Rail

Historie_Werksbesuch-Xuehue-Tian_Gruppenbild-vor-Kabine_CGRail.jpg Historie_Werksbesuch-Xuehue-Tian_Unterhaltung_CGRail.jpg Historie_Werksbesuch-Xuehue-Tian_Gruppenbild-in-Kabine_CGRail.jpg

July 2018

Yongcai Sun, CEO of CRRC, at CG Rail

Historie_Werksbesuch-Yongcai-Sun_Unterhaltung_CGRail.jpg Historie_Werksbesuch-Yongcai-Sun_Gruppenbild-neben-Zug_CGRail.jpg Historie_Werksbesuch-Yongcai-Sun_Gruppenbild_CGRail.jpg Historie_Werksbesuch-Yongcai-Sun_Begruessung_CGRail.jpg

March 2018

Assembly of the first lightweight car body in multi-material design


February 2018

CG Rail welcomes Shi Mingde, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Germany

Historie_Botschafter-Shi-Mingde_Bild-in-Kabine_CGRail.jpg Historie_Botschafter-Shi-Mingde_Gespraech_CGRail.jpg Historie_Botschafter-Shi-Mingde_Besichtigung-Drehgestellrahmen_CGRail.jpg Historie_Botschafter-Shi-Mingde_Besichtigung-Unterflurverkeidung_CGRail.jpg

January 2018

Successful completion of cyclic tests in accordance with EN 13749 for a CRP bogie frame

Historie_Zyklischer-Test-Drehgestellrahmen_Test-Maschine_CGRail.jpg Historie_Zyklischer-Test-Drehgestellrahmen_Test-Seite_CGRail.jpg

November 2017

Pultrusion system put into operation

July 2017

Successful completion of testing for the lightweight bogie frame under static loads at IMA Dresden

June 2017

Guohua Xi, former CEO of the CRRC Group, visits CG Rail

Historie_Xi_Guohua-Werksbesuch_Gruppenbild_CGRail.jpg Historie_Xi_Guohua-Werksbesuch_Handschlag_CGRail.jpg Historie_Xi_Guohua-Werksbesuch_Bauteil-Besichtigung_CGRail.jpg Historie_Xi_Guohua-Werksbesuch_Eingang_CGRail.jpg

March 2017

The first prototype of the lightweight bogie frame in an innovative CFRP differential design is completed


January 2017

First underfloor cladding prototypes

Historie_Erster-Prototyp-Unterflurverkleidung_Unterflurverkleidung_CGRail.jpg Historie_Erster-Prototyp-Unterflurverkleidung_Unterflurverkleidung-schwebend_CGRail.jpg

November 2016

Installation of assembly fixtures and the first machines in the Rail Innovation Center

Historie_Aufbau-Montagevorrichtungen_Halle-rot_CGRail.jpg Historie_Aufbau-Montagevorrichtungen_Halle-blau_CGRail.jpg Historie_Aufbau-Montagevorrichtungen_Halle-blau-Fortschritt_CGRail.jpg

September 2016

Production of the first prototype components begins at suppliers

Historie_Erste-Komponenten_Kabine_CGRail.jpg Historie_Erste-Komponenten_Bogie-Frame-Cross-beam_CGRail.jpg Historie_Erste-Komponenten_Carbon-Form_CGRail.jpg Historie_Erste-Komponenten_Pultrusionsanlage_CGRail.jpg

June 2016

The first CFRP component of the lightweight front cab (CETROVO) is completed

April 2016

Prof. Wan Gang visits CG Rail GmbH in his role as Chinese Minister of Science and Technology

Historie_Besuch_Wan-Gang_Übergabe_CGRail.jpg Historie_Besuch_Wan-Gang_Meeting_halber_Tisch_CGRail.jpg Historie_Besuch_Wan-Gang_Meeting_CGRail.jpg Historie_Besuch_Wan-Gang_Gruppenbild_CGRail.jpg

January 2016

Workshop with leading engineers of CRRC at CG Rail in Dresden


November 2015

Employee recruitment begins

August 2015

CRRC and CG Rail sign a contract to develop a novel metro train in a carbon-fiber-intensive lightweight design

May 2015

CG Rail GmbH is founded

Historie_Gründung_Gruppenbild_mit_Tafel_CGRail.jpg Historie_Gründung_Gruppenbild_Erföffnungszeremonie_CGRail.jpg Historie_Gründung_Tafel_CGRail.jpg Historie_Gründung_Handschlag_Erföffnungszeremonie_CGRail.jpg