Pultrusionsmaschine der CG Rail GmbH

pultrusion process

Pultrusion is a production process for the continuous and cost-effective manufacture of fiber-composite lightweight profiles with a constant cross section. With pultrusion profiles made of glass or carbon fiber-reinforced plastics – GFRPs or CFRPs, very light, yet highly stressable frame and shell structures can be produced for various fields of use, such as supporting structures in rail vehicles.

Due to this exceptionally high potential both for application and lightweight construction, we have developed unmatched expertise in the area of pultrusion for device and tool design, as well as process control. As such, we can offer our customers holistic developments – from the design and simulation of support structures made from pultrusion profiles for the respective application, to the associated process development for the technological implementation.

Our services in the area of pultrusion include:

  • Process development and prototype profile production on our own pultrusion system, with a maximum pull-off force of 10 tonnes
  • Unique technological knowledge of pultrusion as a basis for customer-specific developments ranging from the simple round profile with unidirectional fiber reinforcement in a longitudinal direction, to the complex multi-chamber profile with multi-axial textile continuous-fiber reinforcement
  • Complete process development with tool design
  • Support in the selection of suitable production companies for subsequent series production